ASKI Foundation, Inc
ASKI's outreach and ministry started almost simultaneously with its Microfinance Institution (MFI) back in 1987. Informally, together with its MFI outreach, ASKI has been reaching out to its clients in need of assistance not only financially, but in socially and spiritually as well, especially in times of dire necessity.

Seeing the need for an institution to focus on ministry, ASKI decided to register ASKI Foundation as an accredited organization with SEC whose thrusts is to help the needy in Luzon. It was officially registered in June 23, 2008.

ASKI Foundation, Inc. as the carrying arm of ASKI on so-called "corporate social responsibility" (CSR) caters to all of ASKI's clients and staff as well. It utilizes public and private partnerships (PPP) as one of the main effective strategies in assisting target beneficiaries. The main assistance to target families, groups and communities include Education, Health, Environment and Community Development Services.
We Foresee a God- centered foundation devoted to serving the needy.
We want to uplift the quality of life of communities through education, health, environment , community development services and spiritual transformation.
  • To promote the welfare of the poor;
  • To extend financial assistance to its members in the form of death benefits, medical subsidy, pension and loan redemption assistance;
  • To ensure continued access to benefits/resources by actively involving the members in the direct management of the association that will include implementation of policies and procedures geared towards sustainability and improved services.
  • To link with foreign and domestic partners in promoting microinsurance through sharing of best practices
  • Core Values
  • God-centeredness
  • Servant hood
  • Integrity
  • Stewardship
  • Objectives
  • To Promote basic education among children, youth and adults through the provision of educational and related opportunities & facilities such as :

    (a) Assistance to Day Care centers that have limited or no access to government or public funds.
    (b) Tulong ASKIan Sa Paaralan (TAP) in support to the government’s Brigada sa Eskwela Program. ASKI Foundation assists public Elementary Schools in cleaning, greening, construction and/or repair of classroom or building.
    (c) Distribution of school bags containing school materials to pre-schoolers and elementary pupils in preparation for coming school year.
  • To Sustain the quality of life among ASKI groups and communities through the delivery of integrated health services that will cater the primary healthcare needs, mainly:

    (a) Affordable yet quality healthcare services through the Mobile Clinic.
    (b) Health-related activities like learning sessions and community health nursing.
    (c) Philippine Health Insurance program to help members on medical expenses.
  • To Promote health programs among staff thus embrace a healthy lifestyle.

    (a) Physical Fitness activities which includes Fun Run, Alay-Lakad and Sports festival.
  • To Promote environmental protection and restoration programs, mainly:

    (a) Tree Planting in partnership with local and private individuals and agencies that supports the same endeavor.
    (b) Alternative Livelihood to ASKI clients with different methodologies that promotes environmental awareness and preservation.
    (c) Environment Management System like energy-saving, revenue earning projects as well as waste segregation, electricity savings and 5S.
  • To Strengthen the poorer communities by providing interventions like organizing, capacity building, community projects and business development to various sectors- indigenous peoples, farmers, women, youth and children.

    (a) Community based organizational development services aimed at formation of strong peoples organization that is able to initiate, implement and sustain local development.
    (b) Capacity Building services to harness the capacities of grass-root leaders. This includes technical and hands-on learning on organizational sustainability; issue resolution, project development, local resource mobilization, learning –focused monitoring and evaluation and lifelong culture based values education.
    (c) Community based programs and services that are supplemental and addresses the basic needs of groups and communities.

    i. Advocacy for the rights of the Indigenous peoples.
    ii. Facilitation of infrastructures like renovation of bridges or water systems, solar pavement and others as per identified community needs or problems.
  • Clientele/Beneficiaries
  • Farmers
    Those persons engaged on agriculture and usually do combination of raising filed crops, vineyards, poultry and other livestock. Further, they also own a parcel of land and/or work as laborer on land owned by others.
  • Women
    Those socially and economically active women who have less access to trainings, education and health among others. They have potentials to become productive and responsible citizen.
  • Children
    Specifically those 3-12 years old who are on prime need for health and nutrition as well as education support.
  • Senior Citizen
    Those elderly persons, sixty to sixty five years of age.
  • Indigenous people & cultural communities
    Those groups and communities belonging to the Igorot, Aeta, Ilongot including various ethnicity.
  • Differently-abled persons
    Those children & youth with special needs.
  • Product and Services
  • Educational Assistance and Scholarships

    Day Care Assistance
    Includes the financial and in-kind support to Day Care Centers that have limited or no access to government or public funds. The type of assistance include additional stipend for the qualified day care worker, extension of finance for the construction of a new center or building; procurement of educational materials needed in school operations.

    Livelihood Training
    The parents of the day care pupils are organized for informal sessions/training on livelihood. This service aims to provide income generating opportunities for parents/guardians.

    Tulong ASKIan sa Paaralan
    In support to the government’s Brigada Eskwela Program, the foundation assists public elementary schools in their beautification activities thus ASKI staff and members participates in cleaning, greening as well as repairing of class rooms and/or building.

    Batang Aktibong Ginagabayan ng ASKI (BAG ng ASKI)
    Bags containing school supplies are provided to children who are in pre-school and elementary. This service is extended to children of ASKI clients and non-clients.

    KILOS Scholarship Program
    It aims to support deserving high school graduating students in their chosen field of interest by providing access to quality and relevant tertiary education on the premier universities or colleges in Manila and provinces in the Philippines. Through national network called APPEND and a donor partner, Gordon and Smith Foundation, the qualified children of ASKI clients receive grants as full scholars.

    Scholarship Program for Children of ASKI Employees
    The program was designed to address the need of the employees for financial assistance in sending their children to college. It aims to achieve to support the development of deserving high school graduating students by providing access to quality tertiary education and also to enhance loyalty of ASKI employees to the organization.
  • Health and Nutrition Programs
    The Health Unit will provide services that will cater the primary healthcare needs of our market and beneficiaries:

    Learning Sessions
    This program will provide health education activities that will focus on health promotion, disease prevention and basic management of diseases. The topics will include common diseases present in the community, tips on disease prevention and demonstration of basic nursing skills.

    Mobile Clinic
    Most of our target beneficiaries are located in distant areas where healthcare services are inaccessible. This specific service is dedicated for these beneficiaries. The Mobile Clinic will be going to these locations to conduct medical missions and similar programs to give the health care needs these people deserve.

    Community Health Nursing
    Aside from equipping the beneficiaries with health education through the learning session’s program, the Health Unit will reinforce their knowledge by encouraging the community people to apply their learning in their own place. Community Health Nursing will deal in the management of common health issues experienced by the community through the help of the community people.

    Physical Fitness Activities
    This program will focus on promotion of physical fitness and health awareness through various activities that will be initiated and designed by the Unit. The activities will include Fun Run, Alay Lakad and Sports fest.

    Health Insurance Program
    The National Health Insurance Program or Phil Health has created a health insurance program for the people with low income. The program has a fair-priced premium but with enhanced value added benefits that will surely assist members in their subsequent medical expenses.
  • Environment Protection Program

    Tree Planting
    ASKI Foundation has initiated tree planting activities, partnered with the local government and private agencies that support the same endeavor. In June 5,2012, the Foundation launched the “ Isang Milyong Puno Para sa Inang Kalikasan”, an initiative to mitigate climate change. By the end of 2015, One Million Trees has been planted within ASKI assisted communities or town.

    Eco-friendly Livelihood Alternatives
    Seek to provide an alternative livelihood to clients with different methodologies that promote environmental awareness and preservation. Prospect projects as charcoal briquette (as an alternative to conventional charcoal making) and renewable energy (solar-powered communities) to achieve this endeavor.

    Relief Operations
    ASKI provides packages of relief to those client and non-client mainly affected by typhoon. It coordinates with ASKI MFI branches’ staff and community leaders for identification of beneficiaries and actual distribution of goods.
  • Community Development Program
    Community Based Organizational Development
    Focuses on the formation of strong Peoples Organization, Indigenous Peoples or civil society to initiate, implement and sustain local development initiatives in their respective areas.

    Community Capacity Building
    Emphasizes the harnessing the capacities of grass-roots leaders by providing technical and hands-on learning on organizational sustainability; issue-resolution; project development/financial management, gender activity analysis, local resource mobilization; learning-focused M/E, accessing coalition assistance and life-long culture based values education.

    Community Based Programs and Services
    ASKI believes that unless you provide supplemental programs to address their basic needs, they can never enjoy fullness of life. Thus, social and culture related services are extended:

    a. Basic Social Services
    Facilitate the provision of infrastructures like construction of health center , day care center or school building; the building/renovation of bridges or water systems; the facilitation of solar pavement as per identified community needs or problems.

    b. Cultural Heritage
    Advocate for the rights of the Indigenous Peoples. Catering to Igorot tribe as a focal group, we promote re-establishment of their traditions, way of life, belongingness and identity.
  • For more information, visit our branch nearest you or contact:
    Froilan Gutierrez
    Officer-In-Charge, ASKI Foundation
    3rd Floor, ASKI Building, 105 Maharlika Highway, Cabanatuan City
    (044) 940-1798 / (044) 940-1799 / (044) 940-1800 local 13
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