OFW husband assures wife: 'You are not alone'
The lack of opportunities in the country leads many Filipinos to go out of the country - most of the time alone and with uncertainty of having a good and stable job. Sometimes, overseas Filipino worker (OFWs) will spend years of working and endure longingness to their family yet when they get back home for good, they don't have money or business to start with and go on living.

This reality woke up Raul Camara dela Cruz, a tricycle driver from Brgy. Pantal, Dagupan City. He didn't let his wife, Lea, who works in Singapore to be alone in supporting their child and relatives.

With his determination to help his wife, Raul seek the help from ASKI, apply for a loan amounting to P60,000 and started a business. Without any background in establishing a bakery - not even knowing how to bake pandesal, a common bread roll in the Philippines - he decided to buy an oven and start baking.

Help continues to flow for Raul. He received a financial education from Citi and ASKI that has changed his practice in spending money. He is now also able to save and determine what they really need to buy. "Noon 'di ako nakakapag-ipon, ngayon nakakapag-ipon na ko. Tumatanda na tayo, kailangan maging handa," (Before I was not able to save, but now I am able to save money. We are getting older and we need to prepare for the future), Raul said. Through that financial education, he learned to manage the flow of his business' capital thus resulting to more income for his family.

Raul proves that in achieving success, a person should try and make a step towards it. Baking was not his skill but now, he strive to make the perfect dough to produce the most delicious bread that he can offer for his wife and say that she’s not alone. ###
Noon 'di ako nakakapag-ipon, ngayon nakakapag-ipon na ko. Tumatanda na tayo, kailangan maging handa
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