Become healthy and wealthy
Not everyone likes vegetable - especially kids - but not in the case of Justin Marie Brudo of Mangatarem, Pangasinan, vegetables made her life healthy and wealthy.

Ever since, vegetable planting has been the source of income for Brudo's family. Justin Marie and her husband, Antonio, rely from the amount of money they earn every harvest season to support their three kids with their daily needs and education. Yet life's favor do not always flow for them. There were times that their crops were devastated by typhoon or pest infested leaving them nothing but debts.

Most of the time their harvest and supplies are insufficient due to lack of enough capital. This led Justin Marie to get a loan from ASKI and use it as an additional capital. With P10,000 she borrowed, she used it to get into buy and sell business, buy vegetables in bulk and sell it to market.

Justin Marie also learned a lot from the financial capability program of Citi and ASKI. "Di kagaya noon na bili dito, bili doon. Ngayon, natuto na ako, "(Unlike before that I used to buy anything and anywhere, now I learned.”) she said.

She also learned about budgeting, saving, and how to allot money wisely. Through this, life's favor chases them. Their sacrifices to get up every 2 o’clock early in the morning to deliver vegetables were not in vain. They now earn enough and able to get what they need.

As the saying goes, we only reap what we sow. In the case of Brudo’s family, having vegetables planted on your backyard would not only make you healthy if you eat it but also will make you wealthy.
Di kagaya noon na bili dito, bili doon. Ngayon, natuto na ako..
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