Recovering Dreams From Personal Loss
When typhoon ‘Yoyong’ struck the country in 2003, Delmar Duginon, 34, of Bambang, Nueva Vizcaya was not spared by the damage caused by the calamity. Many properties and businesses were lost including that of Delmar.

He was managing a rice retailing business back then. "I lost my business that resulted to great debt. I just thank the Lord because no one from my loved ones got hurt from the said typhoon," recalls Delmar.

Delmar was deeply saddened of what happened. He didn't know what to do. "When I thought about it, I felt discouraged because putting up my first business was not easy," he shares.

He adds, "it was something that I dream and then in just a snap of a finger it was gone. It also pains me to think of how can I pay the P80,000 loan that I used in setting-up the business."

Many questions bothered him like regaining his lost business. How will he support the education of his children? Delmar admitted that it was a tough situation and he felt the burden on his shoulders.

After the typhoon, there was a rice shortage in the community and what he did was to sell his stocks of poor quality rice at a cheaper price. He earned P5,000.

Being positive amidst tragedy, he rolled his earnings and bought a movable cage where he could sell chickens. Every other day, Delmar got an average sales of 60 heads and got a profit of P10 per head.

Delmar also encouraged his buyers to engage into similar business in their respective communities. Many of them got interested to Delmar’s offer. That move contributed in a significant increase of his sales.

Despite of what happened in his business, he proved that there is always a rainbow after the storm. One of his friends invited him in Solano to be a co-maker of his loan application in ASKI.

Out of curiosity, after signing the documents, Delmar asked the staff assisting them if he can also borrow some amount for his business.
His curiosity leads to submission of his loan application. Delmar was given an initial loan of P10,000 and from then on he became an ASKI client. He strongly believe that ASKI was God’s answer to his prayers.

"I used the money as additional capital in buying and selling chickens. The good thing about the business is I had no problem in marketing," he said.

Delmar earned P2,000 to P4,000 daily which enabled him to completely paid his P80,000 loan. Because of the good returns in his business, he decided to increase his loan in ASKI to P150,000 to further expand his business.

By sheer hard work, Delmar was able to provide for the allowance of his children, build a house for his family in a lot he acquired for P400,000 and purchase tricycles for his business. The income also became a great help to lessen his monthly stall rentals.

Later on, Delmar got an idea of establishing a grocery store. This is in response to the needs and request of many of his customers and town mates. His grocery store started to operate through the help of ASKI.

Delmar hopes to purchase a delivery truck which he can use in his business. He also plans to have a warehouse for his stocks that he bought in wholesale.

Today, he has five regular employees and one part-time worker. To provide additional income for his family, he maximizes the one hectare land he inherited from his parents by planting ginger on it.

Asked what could be his secret in dealing with his customers, Delmar replied: "Tiwala. Huwag mong hayaan na masira ang tiwala ng iyong mga customers. Dahil kapag nangyari iyon, mahirap na itong maibalik," he said.
"Tiwala. Huwag mong hayaan na masira ang tiwala ng iyong mga customers. Dahil kapag nangyari iyon, mahirap na itong maibalik"
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