Single Mom Gets College Diploma, Succeeds In Business
Who would have thought that a single mother who had an early marriage and unable to finish college would later become successful in her business and receive a diploma at the same time?

Nanette T. Gacias of Tuguegarao City did. Marriage at an early age did not stop her to pursue her business and most importantly getting a college degree. She finished Bachelor of Science in Commerce major in Management at the same year.

Her parents supported her dreams. With an own capital of P15,000, Nanette started selling siopao, bread products and pizza to nearby schools and offices. She became popular in the community because of her affordable products and her friendly ways with her customers.

She gained from her hard work. Gradually, she was able to reach the market stall owners and malls. She used her profit as additional capital to further expand the business. Her business was growing well.

Later on, Nanette rented a stall for her products and added pancit to her main menu. Being a risk taker and a careful planner, Nanette decided to buy the stall from the income that she received from selling her much-loved car.

It was a tough decision. But for her, owning the stall will give her more peace of mind as she is no longer paying for its monthly rental. She converted the stall into a bakery and hired two workers. Her skills and passion in baking was poured into her business.

It proved to be a right decision for Nanette. She had regular customers but she wanted to offer more products to them. That is why she sought the help of ASKI and requested for a loan to purchase equipment like microwave oven, bread toaster, molder and other ingredients for her business.

Nanette has been a good client of ASKI since the beginning. This enabled her to qualify for other ASKI programs.

Another opportunity opened to her, when she was offered to rent a stall inside a university in Tuguegarao. She took advantage of the great opportunity. From siopao and pizza, Nanette added daily meals and she was into being a manager of a school canteen.
As her business expanded, she needed additional workers to help her. She employed three workers in her school canteen and five workers for the bakery.

She was able to manage the business well and provided for the education of her children. "I want to give the best to my children because they are my strength and inspiration," she said. She was nearly contented on how the business grew.

Until, she encountered an ordeal. Nanette was hospitalized for half a month. She neglected her health condition because of much attention in growing her business. Her savings was used to buy her medicines and paid for the hospital bills. She even neglected her duties in managing her businesses.

To continue running the business, she delegated her workers to look after its operation. She made a wrong decision. She found out later on that she was cheated, with losing materials and getting low profit.

Nanette thought that it was the start of bankruptcy of her businesses. But, she did not lose optimism, and faith in God. "Those problems helped me develop my personal being. I learned how to forgive. What I am today is because of all these challenges," she said.

Coupled with strong faith and determination to rise again, she doubled her efforts to regain the business. Her self-worth was regained and because of bright outlook, she is now enjoying a comfortable lifestyle.
"I want to give the best to my children because they are my strength and inspiration"
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