Big Catch From The Right Choice
Being wrong in the first business made her realized that she can even have
more than earning a small income. How? By choosing the right one.

For 15 years, Anita Ladores, 58, of Dingalan, Aurora and her husband Angel were managing a rattan business. Unfortunately, her business for so many years didn't turn out to be successful due to low income, insufficient capital and the crab mentality of some hometown folks. She also found out that rattan products were not that easy to market.

Past experience taught her to be wise. For the last 15 years, she has realized that rattan business was not the industry meant for her. She thought of engaging into a new, marketable and viable business. They turned to fish dealing business. In 2002, there were only a handful fish dealers in the town.

The business turned out to be good. And because of the need for expansion, she sought the assistance of Alalay Sa Kaunlaran, Inc. and decided to apply for P50,000 loan in

Rolling the additional capital for her business, Anita bought a truck to help her and her husband in the delivery of the fishes in Dagupan, Pangasinan and Malabon in Metro Manila. Varieties of fishes like tuna, prawns, tilapia, maya-maya, galunggong, bisugo, talakitok, and lapu-lapu are being delivered to these areas.

After a year, she was able to acquire an additional truck to accommodate more deliveries. For her, what they have was a good and effective husband and wife tandem.

"The financial support that I got from ASKI contributed a lot to my business. Since I started in the fish business, I was able to have investments and I thanked the Lord for all these blessings," shares Anita.

Anita and Angel is earning a monthly net income of P20,000 to P30,000 in this venture.

"This business is the best among all the businesses. You will not lose. Our business is just here. We don't need to go to other places to earn. Wherever the resources are, it is there where you should have your business," says Anita.

However, like other entrepreneurs, Anita also encountered problems in her business. "There were people who didn't pay their debts which cost us almost hundred thousand pesos," she said.

Anita also shared that living in a typhoon-prone area is another problem.

Fisherfolk in Dingalan would always have difficulty catching fishes in times like this. For the couple, it has been a priority to ensure the safety of their fishermen.

"Yes, we will earn but we don't want to sacrifice the lives of others just to earn money," Anita said.

While the couple devoted much of their time in their business. They never neglected their responsibilities to their children by giving them love, care, needs and good education as well.

"I grew up being exposed to my parents' practice of having favoritism. They chose whose children they want to send to school while others will just be taken for granted. I don't like that principle. That's why I decided that as long as I can, I will provide education for all my children. No exemptions," reveals Anita.

Challenged by this experience, Anita and Angel succeeded in sending their children to good schools. They now have an x-ray technician, a seaman, an accountant, a nurse who is working in Canada and another one managing his own business. All of these was attributed to patience and hard work in their business venture.

Aside from this, many great things happened in Anita's entrepreneurial saga. They were able to build their house in their own lot, bought two delivery trucks, motorized boats, service vehicles, and a tricycle. All of these came from their fish selling business.

"A person must work hard. I even experienced to sleep while traveling because of so much tiredness and lack of sleep. One must persevere to be successful. Also, do not fool your customers," Anita said.

Anita gives importance to her credibility and integrity as a businesswoman. She made a right choice in taking positive and right step in choosing another business venture- the fish dealing business. Anita and Angel had a big catch because of their right choice.
"This business is the best among all the businesses. You will not lose. Our business is just here. We don't need to go to other places to earn. Wherever the resources are, it is there where you should have your business."
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