Optimism Is Her Key To Victory
Aurea Ramil, a joyful ASKIan, 45, married of Cutog Grande, Reina Mercedes, Isabela, a BS Social Work graduate of St. Paul University, Tuguegarao did not become successful overnight.

Having married early to Pedrito, an industrious farmer, she was not able to be employed instantly. To augment the family income, she started her sari-sari store business with P10,000 own capital. However, it failed because of its inability to compete with bigger sari-sari store owners.

She had her next business endeavor- soft drinks and liquor dealership in 2004. She got her first capital through a loan from ASKI Ilagan branch and became a distributor not only in her hometown but to nearby municipalities as well.

Aurea was already earning much when a worker ran away with the store's money of P13,800. That was one of the problems that she encountered with her new business. Despite of this, she stayed positive believing that there are great things that waited her.

She availed of her second loan from ASKI Cauayan branch under the Alalay sa Magsasaka Program (AMP); she bought an elf truck but because of drought, the farm did not yield the expected produce and the elf was sold.

Without losing hope, she was able to realize the cause of her initial failures as a small-scale businesswoman. One of which is the lack of planning and training.

Through the ASKI Grassroots Entrepreneurship and Management (GEM) training
in Santiago City, Aurea realized the flaws in her business. She mismanaged her

Because of the training, she changed to be a better, concentrated and intelligent entrepreneur. "The GEM training taught me how to properly manage my business," she said.

In 2006, as her soft drinks and liquor business dealership prospered, she carefully learned to start on pig breeding business. It proved to be lucrative because she's now enjoying the fruits of her focused business practice, optimism and proper financial management.

As a successful leader in group lending in their community in Reina Mercedes, she was recognized by People's Credit and Finance Corporation (PCFC) as Model Microentrepreneur in Group Lending.

She shared the blessings to other people, to her family most of all. Her children's educations are not neglected. In fact, her eldest is a graduating BS Management Accounting student and the youngest is in grade school.

Aurea always looks forward not backward, with smile, with inner cheer and this invigorates her and her love ones.
The GEM training taught me how to properly manage my business
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