Partner Reaps The Golden Harvest
Precy started her sari-sari store business with an initial capital of P5,000 in Brgy. Kinalanguyan, Talavera, Nueva Ecija. As time went by, more items were added such as rice, gas, and even farm and agricultural supplies.

Precy manages the sari-sari store while her husband Librado is a farmer working in their 3.5 hectare farm land. Living in a community, where farming is a major source of livelihood, the couple decided to offer agricultural supplies to answer the needs for farm inputs of the farmers in the community.

This was the reason why, they were able to get many customers. The sari-sari store and agricultural supply business were just the beginning of the abundant harvest in their lives today.

Molded by past experiences, and being wise enough in the business, Precy and Librado worked with full determination and perseverance. They didn't stop but keep on doing their best in being progressive.

Good luck smiled at them. The initial success of their business gave birth to another profitable business venture, the palay buying station. The Rayos conceptualized the business for additional source of income and help their neighbors when they sold their harvests.

Farmers from Barangays Caputican, Caaninaplahan, Kinalanguyan, Sibul and Mabuhay in Talavera are their regular customers.

However, one of the problems faced by the couple is how they will sell the palay to big traders. So, they decided to buy an Elf truck so that they can buy and sell palay to different provinces.

During off-season of palay business, the couple used the truck in selling vegetables in Bambang, Nueva Vizcaya and Malolos, Bulacan. They also invested in hog raising.

Having more than enough income from their businesses, they bought three hand tractors and two threshers that are being rented by the farmers in their community.

At present, they have 20 workers helping them in their different businesses. Their 3.5 hectare rice field is giving them an average of 100 to 300 cavans every harvest season. They are earning P180,000 annually in their agricultural business.

Seeing the great potential of her sari-sari store and the palay buying station, she approached the Alalay Sa Kaunlaran, Inc. in Talavera, Nueva Ecija for an additional capital. ASKI assisted her financially in her retail store and farming activities.

Because of the success of their business ventures, they were able to provide education for their five children. Their eldest, Lilibeth Valdez who graduated BS Economics in Central Luzon State University is now in Lebanon; Jayson is now managing his own agricultural business; Jeffrey is now an electrician; Wilson is graduating as a mechanical engineer; and Jerome, a high school student. All of these were realized because of their continuous hard work.

"A person must have perseverance and diligence in this business. You have to be thrifty also and must learn how to budget at all times," Precy said when she was asked about her secret in being successful.

But just like other entrepreneurs, Precy also experienced challenges that truly tested them as a couple during their early years.

"Before, we depended on the harvest of our one hectare farm and we only had a little of what we have harvested. We even had a loan with 30 to 40 percent interest so that we can have money to use," shares Precy.

"Nothing was left for us most of the time. We harvested good quality of rice and yet we were eating poor quality rice because all our harvests were being sold to address our needs," she added.

Eventually, they were able to hurdle the challenges that they faced. Precy and Librado are now in their shining moment. They shone in their business just like the golden harvest in the field. How? Because of their total understanding of one another, success came sooner, not later.

But despite all of these, they also help their family and relatives to strive more in their lives and business so that they will also succeed just like them.
"A person must have perseverance and diligence in this business. You have to be thrifty also and must learn how to budget at all times"
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