Being A DH Is Not Forever
Medication for sick loved ones. Good education for siblings and children. Modest homes. The need to survive. Poverty. These, and many more reasons pushed Filipinos to seek employment abroad.

For single parent Rosemarie Urcia of Sta. Ana, Cagayan Valley, one of these reasons, the need to provide for her family strongly influenced her to leave the Philippines and work abroad.

Rosemarie knew that her situation was never going to change for the better if she stayed. Poverty had dogged at most part of her childhood; she had ended up wanting nothing but to provide a better life for her only child, Jenie Jin and her relatives. She did not want them to experience the hardships she herself had experienced earlier in her life.

When Rosemarie was barely 22 years old, she tried her best to earn a decent living by engaging in a buy-and-sell enterprise at first. She worked with vigor similar to that of a mother tigress seeking food for her young.

For a time, the business seemed to do well, and family needs were met. However, it had to cease after six years of operations. Empty-handed and broken-hearted, Rosemarie groped for an alternative source of income.

Despite her willingness to try anything, she realized nothing was lucrative enough to give her and her family for their daily subsistence. After months of hard thinking, and of rapidly growing financial obligations, Rosemarie clearly saw that her option was to be an OFW.

These problems caused her to be an OFW in Singapore in 1998. Since she worked there, she has kept her nose to the grindstone. Her mind has been focused on one thing and one thing alone: to earn more money for her family. But as years went by, Rosemarie started feeling there could be more if she worked than just being able to send paltry remittances to her family.

After 13 years, she wanted change. "Matagal na ako sa Singapore, wala pa ring nangyari. Wala pa rin akong alam sa paghawak ng finances, walang pundar at ipon, at di marunong, mag budget. Kaya naghangad ako ng pagbabago."

In her quest for change, Rosemarie became open to all possibilities of upgrading her skills and increasing her knowledge. Her desire to succeed in life gave her the courage to do difficult things. One such "difficult" thing for her was going back to school to learn financial management and entrepreneurship lessons.

During this period in her life, a friend invited Rosemarie to register for the Basic Entrepreneurship course offered by ASKI Global Ltd. She did not hesitate to sacrifice sitting in a class instead of resting or spending time with friends at Lucky Plaza. She was prepared to do anything to succeed so that she could be a better family provider.

Rosemarie finished the Basic Entrepreneurship and Financial Education courses offered by ASKI Global Ltd. in Singapore. She invested into public transport service in her hometown in Sta. Ana, Cagayan. Her business venture is now getting good returns.

Just as soon Rosemarie began enjoying her short-term lessons. She graduated in December 2010. Her efforts were rewarded. There is no doubt what has been written is true, that you reap what you sow. Rosemarie, put in time and effort. She gained knowledge and an entrepreneurship certificate.

"Malaki ang nabago sa buhay ko, natuto akong magbudget. Dati wala akong ipon. Pero ngayon ay iba na ako, natuto na akong magpalago ng negosyo because of what I learned from the course," she said.

After her entrepreneurship training she immediately put to good use her newly gained know- how and ventured into transport service. This time, she was more confident because of her formal training and education.

Rosemarie secured a P250,000 loan from ASKI Philippines to buy a van. This vehicle now operates as a public transport service in her province and has been able to provide the needs of her family. From her van's earnings, she was able to buy two fishing boats and recently acquired another public transport unit, a tricycle.

Her graduation from her short term course gave additional advantage. Her daughter decided to go back to school. "Nakita ng anak ko na si Jenie Jin ang aking graduation picture nang magtapos ako sa Basic Entrepreneurship Course, at nagkaroon siya ng inspirasyon na mag-aral uli, kasi nakita nya ako nan aka-toga at nasabi niyang gusto rin niyang makapagtapos ng pag-aaral," Rosemarie shares.

The cliche "if there is a will, there is a way" is realization in Rosemarie’s life. She follows her dream, works on it to be a reality and good things come. Now she’s rejoicing. From being a DH, she is now an emerging businesswoman and a successful beaming one.
"Matagal na ako sa Singapore, wala pa ring nangyari. Wala pa rin akong alam sa paghawak ng finances, walang pundar at ipon, at di marunong, mag budget. Kaya naghangad ako ng pagbabago."
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