Stepping His Way Out Of Poverty
He was one of the many believers that the fulfillment of oneís dream can only be found abroad.

That was the reason why when Leroy Yacat of Brgy. Mangino, Gapan City got the chance to work in Dubai as machine operator in 1998, he accepted the job without any second thought. He left the Philippines and his family to try his luck in the Middle East.

But just like any other Filipinos, Leroy later on found out that it was not his destiny. The fulfillment that he is looking for was right at home. After two years of working abroad, he decided to return and be reunited with his family.

In 2000, he started working in his uncle's shoe-making business. "Shoe making was not new for me. From the raw materials given to me by my brother-in-law, I used it to train myself and to be highly equipped to the business," says Leroy.

Deprived with higher education because he only finished elementary. He never had the chance to go schooling but rather work at a young age.

With a dream of helping his family out from poverty, Leroy worked in a construction company as a laborer. Fortunate enough, a year after, he was promoted as a machine operator. His diligence and fast learning abilities made his superiors pay attention to him.

Eager to earn more, Leroy and his wife Eva, decided to engage in shoe/slipper making business. "This is what we know. I was taught by my uncle while my wife was once a slipper maker," Leroy said.

They have a good business plan and mastered the kind of business they want. However, they need additional capital. They searched for a private financial institution who can lend him extra money for the business. This is how he was introduced to ASKI. He started with a P10,000 loan from ASKI Gapan Branch under the individual lending program in 2006. He availed his first loan and utilized it as capital for his business.

The business grew and turned-out well. "My wife and I worked as team in this business. We do the production, design and delivery to the customers. With each otherís help, we earn a monthly income ranging from P40,000-60,000, which is not bad for two workers in one business," he said.

From then on, they earned as much capital; they even earned the trust of the people and win regular customers. "In order to keep the customers trust, you have to provide them good quality products and establish good relationship with them. That's what matters most," Leroy shares.

Living a good life, Leroy believes in simplicity of his life. No vices. No missed opportunities. No selfishness and unkind acts.

He is focused on his business. "I see to it that proper spending of money within my business is being monitored. I never use it in no-worth activities, instead, I use to lend it to the farmers who really in need in our community," he shares.

A kind-hearted person, Leroy has been poured in with more blessings. He acquired high-end equipment for his business; he was able to send his children to school; blessed with a good business income and earned enough for their daily living.

Aside from earning, Leroy also provides job to his six regular workers whom he considered as part of his family. "I want to help others even in small ways and I treat people the way they should be treated," Leroy said.

Leroy established good relationships with other retailers and rolling store owners not only in Gapan but also in neighboring provinces such as Pampanga, Bulacan, Pangasinan and Nueva Vizcaya. He can produce 250 to 300 dozens of slippers in a week and 1,000 dozen at most are being sold in a month.

His dreams of a bright future for his family serve as his motivation to work harder. Aside from his main business, Leroy devotes some of his time to do farming activities. He owns a 1.5 hectares of farm that gives him extra income during cropping season.

"I want to have more so that I can give more especially to those who are in need," Leroy ended.
"I see to it that proper spending of money within my business is being monitored. I never use it in no-worth activities, instead, Iuse to lend it to the farmers who really in need in our community."
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