May 25, 2015
ASKI pays tribute to Areli R. Vega
She is a firm leader, a silent worker but a productive doer. She encourages someone to do more,not to give up easily, and never lose hope on people. She’s a very kind and friendly person who shares her wisdom, gifts, and talents. This is how Areli R. Vega, the general manager of the ASKI Mutual Benefit Association (MBA) friends and colleagues would describe her.

Areli as she is fondly called by her colleagues and friends committed herself on serving the Lord through serving others, a worshipper from the heart, an obedient follower of God, a devoted servant, and a responsible leader. With her calling to help the poor and the marginalized, she gave up the opportunity to be a junior partner in a prestigious auditing firm in the country and worked at Alalay sa Kaunlaran Inc. based in Cabanatuan City.

She was hired as a chief accountant at ASKI in June 1999, became the credit operations director in March 2002, the director for Resource Mobilization in August 2005, and because of being a hard worker in nature and always having an excellent results in her works, she was designated as the General Manager of the MBA.

She is an epitome of beauty, grace, and talent. During the necrological service, ASKI Executive Director Rolando B. Victoria described her through her name A-R-E-L-I. "A" for always available, because she always accepts every challenge given to her, and she's always there anytime she is needed. "R" for respectful, because she always shows respect to other people and in return, she is also one of the well-respected leaders of ASKI. "E" for excellent result for every assignment given to her. "L" for loyalty to the organization, and "I" for integrity.

Everyone who witnessed her joys and successes surely cherish every moment that they are with her, the love and the friendships, the joys and the laughter. Areli loves to sing. She is one of the composers of the ASKI theme song making it as one of her legacies. She used her wonderful and powerful voice in worshipping God and leading people to praise and worship the Lord.

Areli was also a fighter, she always choose to respond positively even if things are not falling into the right place. She is not used of showing people that she's in pain, and she always wanted to be strong in the face of weaknesses. When she found out that she has a thyroid cancer that could take her voice, she still did no easily give up, in fact she still represents ASKI in one of the conferences when she was already diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

But life is just something that was borrowed from God, and like her songs it has always its ending. She had lived her life well while obeying God’s will.
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