May 20, 2014
Isabela-based Farmers Now Enjoying Higher Income
Every harvest season, farmers’ next burden is drying their produce. In far barrios of Camasi, Dyabra, Namnama, and Cumabao (CADYNAMCU) in Tumauini, Isabela, farmers are used to inadequate or unavailable pavements before a multi-purpose drying pavement was constructed.

For years, Precy Ramos, a farmer from Namnama, used to dry their corn and rice produce at privately-owned drying pavements in the town proper – about an hour away from their village. The nearest drying facility called ‘Bilarang Barrio’ can only accommodate limited amount of produce which opts Precy to rent a vehicle to carry their goods and pay for the number of bags dried in privately-owned solar dryer.

Ramos owns five hectares of corn and a half hectare of rice field. Despite not being a member of CADYNAMCU Cooperative, an ASKI organized group, Precy is grateful that she is now also benefitting from the multi-purpose drying pavement constructed last year funded by ASKI in partnership with the local government and the members of the cooperative.

“For farmers in far villages like me, I am very thankful that we can use the drying pavement even though we are not members of the cooperative,” said Ramos. She added that dried corn and rice produce means higher income.

During harvest season, her family dries 180 of 500 bags of corn and all 50 bags of palay in the newly constructed pavement and earns about P400, 000 in corn and P50, 000 in palay. The pavement caters the whole community albeit limited bags of produce can be dried to give way to others.

Precy dreams of having a better life for her family so being aware of ASKI programs and its partnership with the cooperative, she also expressed her plans to join the cooperative. “I can see the big improvement on the lives of ASKI members... there are lots of opportunities,” Precy ended.

A three-year member of ASKI, Santos Pindoro of Cumabao knows how important the drying pavement is. “We really lack drying pavement so this is very helpful to us farmers and this is really spacious,” he said.

Pindoro, who owns two hectares of land devoted to rice and corn production, is working hard for his two children. He had seen how the community benefitted from the project a year after it was constructed.

“I hope ASKI will continue helping us farmers and will help us to have a warehouse and direct market for our produce,” said Pindoro.

Both Precy and Santos rely on farming as their primary and dependable source of income. They both know how significant the drying pavement is for their venture and for achieving their dreams – the former is a better life for the family while the latter is a better future for his children.

The multi-purpose drying pavement project is one of the projects implemented by ASKI from the prize money received after winning the 4th European Microfinance Award. In CADYNAMCU, around 400 members of the cooperative have been benefitting from it excluding many non-members in the community.
Precy Ramos: Despite not being a member of CADYNAMCU Cooperative, Precy Ramos from Namnama, Tumauni, Isable is one of the farmers in the community benefiting to the newly constructed multi-purpose drying pavement ; a project implemented by ASKI in partnership with LGU and CADYNAMCU. Santos Pindoro: Benefits of having a nearby multi-purpose drying pavement through the initiative of ASKI are seen by CADYNAMCU members like Santos Pindoro, a farmer from Cumabao, Tumauini, Isabela.
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