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Established in 5 July 2010, ASKI Global Limited is a non-stock, non-profit organization that recognizes the presence of migrant workers in Singapore, which totals up to 180,000 in 2012. The organization is wholly committed to helping the overseas foreign worker (OFW) communities be economically and socially developed by harnessing on their potentials through courses offered by the organization, thus helping build small and medium enterprises (SMEs) as a result of change in their mind-set and remittance behaviours.
A global centre that will help migrant workers make their overseas work experiences become more meaningful and productive.
To change the mind-set of migrant workers and their families so they become entrepreneurial through back-to-back coaching and training on entrepreneurship and financial literacy.
Courses Offered
Currently, three courses are being offered by ASKI Global to the OFWs. Our training modules suit the needs and capabilities of the OFWs. The characteristics of the learning methodology utilized in ASKI Global are as follows:

Highly interactive learning materials
Using a Case Methodology
Modular approach
  • Basic Entrepreneurship
    (BE) is an 11-module course that touches on acquiring the entrepreneurial mind-set so that the OFWs will be equipped with the skills and knowledge so that they will be able to set up their own businesses either now, while they are still working in Singapore, or eventually when they return home. The organization has noticed that some OFWs, while still undergoing the course, have developed the entrepreneurial mind-sets and have plans to set up businesses back home in the Philippines.

    Developed in-house, BE was initially flagged as ASKI Global's flagship course. The curriculum covers the following:

    Learning how to communicate, feel, think, lead, intuit and be. The course will focus on identifying one’s passion and interests. It will also discuss creative, logical and analytical thinking.

    Mastery of the Environment
    Learning how to do external assessment (customer analysis, competitor assessment, location analysis), and internal assessment (strengths and weaknesses of business owner, work team and management).

    Mastery of the Business
    Learning the basics of Operations, Finance, Human Resource Development, as well as Marketing and Research Methodologies.

    Social Entrepreneurship
    Exposure to social entrepreneurship - "Doing good while doing well", this module is provided by the National University of Singapore Asia Centre for Social Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy.
  • Financial Education
    (FinEd) programme was introduced. FinEd, co-developed with student-interns from the National University of Singapore University Scholars Programme, is a level up course that is only available once the students have completed BE. This course enables the migrant workers to become active participants to Financial Inclusion and as significant contributors to local economic development through the establishment of SMEs. The course aims to assist the migrant workers to make effective and informed decisions on the management of their finances.

    The Financial Education curriculum consists of:

    Financial Goals and Uses of Money / Budgeting and Planning
    Value of Savings and Investment
    Investing in an Enterprise / Credit Management
    Insurance: Client Protection Program / Business Planning Tools
    SHEconomics / Financial Fitness / Financial Freedom of Failure?
  • Communication and Personality Development
    (CPD) is the latest course to be offered by ASKI Global. The curriculum was co-conceptualized by student-interns of National University of Singapore. The add-on course, which is only open to student graduates from the previous academic batches, aims to polish the migrant workers’ communication skills, which will come in useful as and when they require interacting and communicating with potential business partners and clients. In terms of Personality Development, the course allows them to further understand and better themselves with regards to their personality types, finding out the dominant part of their brain, and discovering their individual communication style profiles.
  • Impact Highlights
  • Training/Education:
    Of the 288 total enrolments thus far, 275 have completed and graduated from the Financial Education course.

    1st batch - 80% became savers. (62 out of the 77)

    2nd batch - 100% became savers, saving at the most 40% of their salary. (57 overseas workers)

    50% have started putting up their small businesses. (Under Metrobank Foundation)

    3rd and 4th Batches - 14 out of the 146 enrolled have started their own microenterprises; 100% have become savers. (Under Citi Foundation)
  • Program Visibility:

    Citi - Innovation for Poverty Action (IPA) Financial Capability Research / Matchmaking Program on Financial Capability
    ASKI Global Limited is one of the top 14 out of the 50 applicants for the IPA Competition.

    ASKI Global Limited will develop a financial capability research that focuses on evaluation of impacts for improved public policy, The partners for this project will be Innovation for Poverty Action, Harvard University, Yale University, Singapore Management University and University of Washington.

    Financial Times/Citi Financial Education Summit
    Hotel Mulia, Jakarta, Indonesia | November 2012
    ASKI Global Limited CEO as Speaker; 2 staff as scholars

    Indonesia Microfinance Association Conference
    Hotel Senayan, Jakarta, Indonesia | November 2012
    ASKI Global Limited CEO as Speaker

    Damansara United Methodist Church "Breaking the Wall" Conference
    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia | March 2012
    ASKI Global Limited CEO as Speaker

    Impact Exchange Forum
    IIX/Shujog, National University of Singapore | June 2012
    Speakers: ASKI Philippines Executive Director & Chairman and ASKI Global Limited CEO

    Localization of Financial Education course
    MP Penny Low and ASKI Global CEO have met in Parliament and discussed collaboration possibilities, i.e. microfinance for stay-home mothers and Financial Education sessions for the Punggol Group Representative Constituency (GRC).
  • For more information, visit our branch nearest you or contact:
    May F. Garlitos
    Head, ASKI Global Limited
    352 Tanglin Road, Tanglin International Centre, 01-04 Strathmore Block, Singapore
    6474 6627
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