He Shines In Kropek Business
After working in Metro Manila as a security guard for a year, Jenifer Alejo found out that all he wanted was to go back to his hometown in Naguilian, Isabela. He realized that what he really desire was right at home.

Jenifer left the hustling and bustling city life and stayed at home peacefully yet successfully.

After quitting the job, Jennifer decided to drive a tricycle that he got through a financing scheme in 2000 to provide for his family. However, his income was not enough to sustain the needs of his family. He started thinking of going into a small business. He and his wife Vivian decided to engage into buy and sell of candies, kropek and other delicacies.

The Alejos used the tricycle in selling kropek from one place to another. Jenifer admitted that starting and putting up an own business without any assurance was difficult. They were only equipped with a strong determination and inspiration, believing that they will succeed.

The couple relates that it was a difficult and risky business but it was a right choice. “We did everything to attain this success,” he said.

The early years weren't easy. The couple experienced losing P500,000 from a chicharon supplier in Bulacan. They filed a case, however, the agent had already disappeared by then.

Jenifer and Vivian were very depressed because they only borrowed most of the capital from the bank. But, having a positive outlook, the couple survived the situation and eventually were able to recover what has been taken from them.

The couple never considered their experience as a hindrance for them not torise again. “We admit that it even came to a point of asking Him why all those things happened to us. But, God is good. He became our ally for the nth time,” Vivian said.

Jenifer and Vivian were able to plow their income back into the business. Through this enterprise, he was able to purchase truck and tricycles, which they used in delivering their products to nearby towns and provinces, and hired more workers because of the demand of their products in the area.

At present, Jenifer employs 15 workers to help him in his kropek venture. They share their blessings not only to their relatives but also to the community by providing employment to deserving town folks.

The workers who do the repacking usually earn P1,000 per week. Being blessed in this venture, Jenifer and his family never forget to give their tithes to the church and helped in the renovation of their own church.

Jenifer also attributed his success to Alalay Sa Kaunlaran, Inc. who provided him with an initial capital of P25,000 under the individual loan program.

After he completely paid the loan and because of his good income, he requested to increase his loan to P150,000 for his business expansion.

As incentive for his good loan repayment, he qualified to avail of the housing loan program amounting to P100,000 to repair his production area which was destroyed by typhoon Juan in October 2010.

“This will be a great help in making kropek easier and faster,” says Jenifer. Both of them admitted that what pushed them to persevere is because they were not able to earn a college degree plus the hardships that they experienced early in life.

Jenifer and Vivian vowed to provide the needs of their children as long as they can. They don't want them to endure what they go through during their younger years. Jenifer shares the positive characteristics that an entrepreneur must have. “It is important to have patience when dealing with people, and in managing the business,” he said. Their spirits were not dampened by encountering setbacks like delinquent and non-remitting vendors.

“It is not true that it is impossible to find a source of income. You only need to look around to see the many opportunities around us and start to make things happen for ourselves. All things are possible to God,” he ended.

The Alejos are now enjoying the fruits of their labor. They work hard to give their three children Kenneth James, Kathlyn Joy, and Kris John a bright future and they are on the right track.
"It is not true that it is impossible to find a source of income. You only need to look around to see the many opportunities around us and start to make things happen for ourselves. All things are possible to God"
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