Pastor cum entrepreneur fulfills his mission with backyard animal raising business in NE
Twenty-years ago, Willie Miranda was working in Manila while also being a missionary during weekends back in his home province Nueva Ecija. After years of fatigue and cost spent in fulfilling his mission, he eventually became a pastor and also turned himself a promising entrepreneur.

When 44-year old Willie decided to go back home in the town of Rizal in 2012, he ventured into livestock raising in his backyard. Initially, he raised three hogs and produced 33 piglets. As the business gradually grew, he realized that he was not financially prepared so he looked for some support which led him to know ASKI.

Willie was approved by ASKI Rizal Nueva Ecija branch to avail P50,000 in his first loan to jumpstart the expansion of his business. A year after, he started his fishpond business with 4,000 fingerlings. Thereafter, he also bought ducks and quails and now earning income from the eggs produced every day.

Willie and his wife Felicidad were not blessed with their own children after twenty-two years of marriage. This is why they focused their service to their church and support some of their church mates who is into college.

As part of their community involvement, they were feeding the children in poorest sitio in their barangay every Saturday benefitting 50-80 children. They also do regular feeding for 200 elementary children every Friday. Likewise, a dental mission is being conducted in the community through the help of his friends and church mates.

For Willie, a farmer may not dress up well like office workers but this is a lucrative business. He plans to include egg laying chickens and more ducks and quails for his venture.
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