February 09, 2015
Migrant workers in Singapore finish financial literacy courses
Two hundred thirty-five migrant workers finished financial education course by ASKI Global Ltd. in partnership with BPI Foundation and the National University of Singapore (NUS).

The graduates received their certificate of recognition during the ASKI Global’s 8th Commencement Exercises held last December 14 at the Town Plaza Auditorium, NUS with the theme “Deepening the Commitment to Education and Empowerment”.

First Secretary and Consul for the Philippine Embassy in Singapore, Consul Mersole Mellejor served as the guest of honor of the graduation. It was also graced by BPI Foundation Executive Director Fidelina A. Corcuera, ASKI Chairperson and President Alicia G. Caliwag and ASKI Executive Director Rolando B. Victoria.

Conceptualized and implemented in2012, the organization’s financial literacy program is empowering migrant workers in Singapore primarily the Filipino low-income workers to achieve their financial plans and goals by acquiring fundamental financial management skills.

The programme also includes a back-to back training for the participants’ family members back home; the participants were required to nominate at least one family member who will be able to attend the half-day training.

Aside from that, 69 migrant workers completed Basic Entrepreneurship Training ASKI Global’s flagship academic program. The course is continuously inculcating the entrepreneurial spirit and mind-set of the migrant workers so that they will eventually achieve their lifelong dreams of being an employer and be reunited with their families through the building of their own enterprises and improving their livelihoods.

Meanwhile, 33 students graduated from the Personality Development and Communication program, a supplementary course co-developed with NUS student interns from the University Scholars

The BPI-ASKI partnership also introduced a new training program – Coaching and Mentoring, which was designed to equip ASKI Philippines’ microfinance supervisors and unit managers to become business coaches and mentors who will directly provide technical assistance to microfinance clients more importantly, the families of overseas Filipino workers who will establish small enterprises from the remittances sent to them from Singapore.

Thirty-eight of them have been trained and completed the pilot implementation of this program and will soon visit and coach the migrant workers’ families so that they can expand and grow the enterprises back home.

Ms. Corcuera congratulated the graduates on their achievements as well as commending them for being able to juggle their respective jobs while picking up important skills and knowledge at ASKI Global. She also said that BPI and ASKI are working closely together in setting-up ASKI Global in Hong Kong in early 2015.

On the other hand, Ms. Rebecca Bustamante, chief executive officer of Chalré Associates, inspired migrant workers with her rags-to-riches story. During her inspirational message, she also shared various tips that she has picked up in her journey to success. “If anyone can be successful, you also can,” said Bustamante. She urged everyone to promise to themselves to take daily action no matter how small towards achieving their goals.

ASKI Global Ltd. Chief Executive Officer Ms. Irma Cosico reminded the graduates to maximize what they have learned so that they are able to attain their dreams. Through fun recalling exercises, Ms. Cosico got the graduates from each course to recite their respective key learnings together with her.
The migrant workers-graduates with Philippine Embassy in Singapore, Consul Mersole Mellejor, BPI Foundation Executive Dir. Fidelina Corcuera, ASKI Chairperson and President Alicia Caliwag, ASKI Executive Dir.Rolando B. Victoria, ASKI Global CEO Irma Cosico, Chalré Associates CEO Rebecca Bustamante and guests during the 8th Commencement Exercises at the Town Plaza Auditorium, National University of Singapore last December 14.
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